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November 2008

The sum and substance of this month's update is one e-mail only.

It is one of the best letters we have ever received and I want to share it with you. I will not say any more because I do not want to dilute its value.

Eric Edney

Subj: ATTENTION: ALS no longer has to be a death sentence
Date: 10/11/2008

Please deliver this message to Augie Nieto personally

Dear Augie,

Your website and Quest http://augiesquest.org, while admirable, is providing the wrong information to PALS (People with ALS) and it is linked to sites http://MDA.org and http://ALSA.org that continue to ignore the primary triggers (mercury, toxins, pesticides, and the food supply) and the cures (Eric Edney's vitamin and detox regimens http://ericiswinning.com and Ambrotose AO and Complex http://mannatech.com) that are not only working and have helped or completely cured several PALS, if you simply read the data available online and begin the detoxification process of your body and mind, you will save your life and improve the quality of your life.

Rilutek, the only FDA-approved drug for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig's Disorder) destroys the liver, so anyone who takes it is hastening their death and any doctor that prescribes it should be criminally charged with reckless conduct and willful endangerment. But as long as the pharmaceutical giants are kicking back money and power disguised as annual, multi-million dollar grants the farce will continue and millions of dollars in research to "find a (pharmaceutical) cure" will be annually wasted.

Jerry Lewis, Duke University, The National Registry for Veterans with ALS, MDA, and ALSA. . . if you are listening, and you REALLY want to help cure ALS, spend the money donated every year on what works instead of the research and development of some magic pill. ALS is caused by occupational and environmental toxins, including the food supply and mercury, readily found in seafood and dental amalgams, flu shots (with preservatives), is the most toxic substance known to man except for plutonium, which doctors are using in chemotherapy to treat cancer.

I am a service-disabled veteran who was diagnosed with ALS in February 2006 after the first symptoms appeared in 2004 while homeless and living out of my mini-van for two years. In order to successfully prove the "most likely scenario" of how I got ALS, I had to do extensive research, and with God's guidance, I discovered a huge body of evidence via the Internet. The most significant and crucial to proving my case was that the island of Guam has the world's highest incidence of ALS because its soil and water is highly toxic from the constant bombardment, land, sea and air battles during World War II.

I was a Navy photographer and scuba diver who was stationed on Guam for 19 months during 1976 and 1977. The toxins my body absorbed on underwater and aerial reconnaissance missions during that short time finally caught up with me at the age of 54. One morning (in 2004) I woke up and literally could not stand up, and when I finally took a few steps it was like I was in a drunken stupor. I had no balance or equilibrium and every bone and muscle ached like never before. Chronic fatigue and chronic back pain increased.

The progression of pain and muscle atrophy continued rapidly until I had to walk with a cane, then a walker, a rolling walker, and finally a wheelchair by June 2006. In July 2006 the VA provided me with a power wheelchair and at that time I no longer had the upper body strength to use the manual wheelchair they had previously provided. I had been seeing one of the world's best chiropractors, Dr. James Stoxen, DC http://teamdoctors.org and his daily regimen of TENNS (electrical) stimulation, heavy-duty massage, core exercise, and chiropractic manipulations had restored the nerves in my feet, legs and lower extremities, but the more I exercised, the weaker I got.

We finally had to agree to disagree on what was wrong with me, and I returned to Jesse Brown (Westside) VAMC (Medical Center) in Chicago and underwent the long process (7 months) required to be diagnosed with ALS. Every blood test, x-ray, MRI, CAT scan, spinal tap, and neurological test was done to rule out every other disease and disorder known to man from cancer to AIDS, venereal disease, and sickle cell anemia.

None of those test showed the presence of mercury, aluminum, lead and other toxins that a subsequent Hair Analysis done by ARL Analytical Research Labs http://arltma.com discovered and charted in 2007 thanks to Eric Edney's strongest recommendation to utilized Dr. Kathleen Akin's DC, website http://advancedhairanalysis.com, who then recommended Co-Q10, Fish Oil, Paramin, Enzaid, Thym-Adren, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Limcomin and SBF Formula supplements.

Most of Eric's regimen and recommendations have been detoxifying my body. All dental amalgams (which contained mercury and silver compounds) have been removed (I had 8) and replaced with plastic resins. My no-mercury dentist, Dr. Daniel Dieska, DDS, MAGD http://drdieska.com of Tinley park, IL has assisted my detoxification efforts with a regimen of supplements (Cilantro, AMD Heavy Metal Detox, GSH Reduced Glutathione, Wild Bear, Nepro Rella, Bio Reu Rella, that have been proven to be effective at slowing down and stabilizing my ALS symptoms.

But the most profound results I have achieved to date came after I ran out of Ambrotose AO and Ambrotose Complex and most of my vitamin supplements. One morning I could suddenly stand pain-free AND use my rolling walker to take a few steps again for the first time in over a year.

That miracle told me that not only was God answering my prayers, but that I needed to periodically give my body a break from all the vitamin, dietary and detox supplements just so that I could determine what was working and what wasn't. I have not stopped taking my diabetic medication of 10 mg of Glyburide and 100 mg of Metformin.

I pray that you and other PALS wise up and take control of your health; stop listening to doctors and specialists who have no clue how to treat ALS; and are not interested in non-pharmaceutical treatments and therapies.

The ball is in your court, Augie. I'm praying for you and other PALS.


David Alan Harris

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