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May 2008


You know, sometimes we have to re-learn over and over and I'm no exception. In fact, I may be a little slow. I have written before about my negative experiences with colored vitamin pills. I already learned sometime ago that most, if not all, colored tablets or capsules are toxic, with one notable exception. Vitamin E soft gels are OK based on my experience. A recent problem with my bowels caused me to stop taking all my vitamin and mineral pills. Within a few days, I realized I was feeling better without them than I was when I was taking them. Somehow I allowed three colored pills to be added to my daily regimen. Just today, I eliminated all three colored pills and took only my pills that are all white tables or all white capsules. Can you believe it, I am better already. So, the message is this: Do not take anymore COLORED pills period! Here is another reminder: They do make veggie capsules. I am opposed to taking prescription drugs with a few exceptions. If you ever need a prescription drug, you can order it in a veggie capsule. Tell your pharmacist at the time you place the order.


Only a few of you have written to me about your experience with MMS (chlorine dioxide) and they are all positive. The following e-mail tells an interesting story.

You will find the first e-mail from Elizabeth and Ronnie dated 3-31-08, our reply of 4-5-08, and their answer to that on 4-5:



Dear ,,Eric We are taking 3 drops per day of the mms.. and it is working..Do you still take colloidal silver also???

Elizabeth and Ronnie




You are the first one we have heard from about any success with MMS and I am happy for you.

No, I no longer take colloidal silver.

You probably could take both, but I don't know why you would.

Are you taking only three drops once a day or twice a day?

Best regards,

Eric Edney



I am taking 3 drops a day..I too had trouble when I took more with my bowels. Elizabeth is up to 5 drops a day and tomorrow I will start giving her 4 drops twice per day..she has always been constipated so she does not have any cramps or loose bowels..If we can get her on it twice a day I will stop the colloidal silver, but it helps her swallowing..Elizabeth has had a problem with periodontal disease in her teeth and it is now gone. Neither one of us have trouble with bleeding gums when we brush anymore.

Elizabeth and Ronnie


I thought you might find the information in these e-mail to be interesting.


Mr. Eric i enjoyed your emails and i am paying attention. As i said before you helped save my life. You gave me hope when not hardley any body else did. There is not any body except people like you that can imagine what i was feeling in my body. I thank you for your time. Anyway i wanted to say i think i am having amazing improvement in the last week. I still have a few issues but spring is coming on here and the trees and grass is getting green and i think that is what i need to heal my body. SUNSHINE is just getting started here and in the next month i believe i will be having more healing thanks to GODS natural healing methods. One thing that i have been adding more after watching DR. DAYS YOU CANT IMPROVE ON GODS DVD and thinking about these things which Dr. Youngs as well as your book has certaintly influenced my thoughts and actions is i have been juicing about 3 to 6 times a day and i can tell i have great improvement because of this. You just cant beat beets and natural vegetables. I have been juicing in each juice normally A couple of carrots, kale ,spinach,broccali,cauliflower,celery,a little parsley,sometimes bell peppers, Garlic from 1 to 5 cloves, Ginger when available, beets, some fruit apples and a very little fruit after reading DR Youngs book. I saw DR OZ on a show the other day and he had some older people that had was having problem with erection and he started them on 4 or 5 cloves of garlic a day and within a short period of time some of the men was performing and it had been years since they had been able to get an erection. You know Dr. OZ the DR. that's on OPRAH sometimes. It was a show of his i saw. The wives was with them and they said after a couple of kisses that got passed the garlic smell. Anyway i wouldn't having a problem getting it up but after i have been adding this garlic i have been having a stronger sex drive. If you dont believe me you can ask my wife.I am sure that all of the things i am doing helps but i can tell a difference since the garlic. My daddy always said he didn't have a problem getting it up it was trying to find somewhere to put it. Thanks Just Plain Bill


If you've read my book, you already know that a prescription drug caused my ALS. Now we are learning that more and more drugs are causing death and illness for many others. This is only my opinion, but I believe the whole idea of taking a prescription drug to PREVENT illness must be totally INSANE. Here is a web site with information linking Lipitor to ALS. How would you like to take a drug thinking you're preventing illness and wind up with a disease like ALS? Wouldn't that just curl your hair?!!



Thousands of us die every year from pollution. Here is a mind-blowing story about pollution in remote areas where you and I have previously thought were remote enough to be toxin-free. The U.S. government has just reported the results of a six million dollar six-year study known as the Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project. This is the most comprehensive study to date on the distribution and concentration of toxic pollution outside developed areas. The study involved national parks in the western USA and included Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Glacier, Rocky Mountains, Gates of the Arctic and Denali national parks and Alaska's Noatak National Preserve. Mercury levels in those eight parks exceeded health thresholds for fish-eating wildlife and human consumption. A total of twenty national parks and monuments were studied from Texas to Alaska and contaminants were found everywhere. How do toxins get to these remote, pristine locations? In all, evidence of 70 contaminants were found at dangerously high levels. It is thought that much of the contamination comes from overseas, traveling global air currents from Europe and Asia. One example is mercury from power plants in China is borne across the Pacific in clouds that rise up when they hit West Coast mountains. This causes the mercury to rain down attached to rain drops or snow flakes.

This should give you some idea of what you're up against and why it is necessary to detoxify and avoid eating fish; and that's only one illustration.

Well, that's all for this month. Bye for now.