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June 2008


Based on all that I have read and my own personal experience, MMS could prove to be the greatest medical advancement since penicillin. I've known for a long time that I probably have one more item holding me back from more and faster improvement. That one item may well be some type of pathogen in my colon or elsewhere in my body. I've read that MMS will destroy almost all pathogens. That is probably why MMS had such an immediate effect on my ALS condition. NOTHING that I have taken in the last ten years has equaled that. As a result of all this, I am BIG on MMS.

It is disturbing to me that some of you write and question this without even trying it. Therefore, I want to restate some things about MMS for your benefit. BUT, before I do, let me remind you that I have no financial interest in anything I suggest. I ONLY make suggestions about things that I have personally benefited from taking or doing; nothing else.

Let's say that you are newly diagnosed with ALS or some other horrible neuro illness, and you've read my book. Other than amalgam removal, you want to eliminate all toxic bugs (pathogens) in your colon and elsewhere in your body. You also want to detoxify for all heavy metals, pesticides, and anything else that may be toxic. You are also concerned about having Lyme disease.

Is there one product that can do all the above, and that is not terribly expensive, and that is relatively simple to do?

Well, that's a big order. However, I believe MMS (chlorine dioxide) can do all that and better than anything else I know of. Remember, I've tried peroxide IV's and on and on.

Not only that, it is ultra cheap. $30 plus shipping can buy you almost a one-year supply.

You can buy MMS from other web sites for less money, BUT you probably would not get everything you need. That's why I recommend that you order it from Thomas Husted. He offers a complete kit, which includes one bottle of MMS, a supply of citric acid, one empty bottle for mixing and storing the citric acid and DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS. PLUS the kit includes a CD that will give you more understanding about the MMS (chlorine dioxide).

You can order this complete chlorine dioxide kit from Mr. Husted by calling the following number. This is his new phone number and not effective until June 1:

(201) 984-1392

The instructions you will receive in the kit are detailed and very specific. I want to emphasize two items:

1. Follow the directions about a minimal dose to start and DO NOT be in a hurry to increase the dose.

2. If you develop any problem such as nausea or diarrhea, that is a GOOD SIGN because that tells you the MMS is working. That also tells you to reduce the number of drops, but DO NOT STOP ENTIRELY. In my opinion, it may not be necessary to ever reach fifteen drops when treating ALS. It may be different with other ailments.

One more note; whatever dose you take, be sure you take it twice a day. Chlorine dioxide is only effective for up to twelve hours in your body.

Please do not underestimate this tremendous product. I have received some e-mail from other PALS who have talked to other people about MMS and these other people have discouraged them from trying it. I don't know why anyone would do that without first hand experience with the product. To me that's plain stupid. I can only SUGGEST that you try MMS (chlorine dioxide) and I do that because I KNOW IT WORKS, at least for me.


Here are two e-mails about MMS:


Dear Eric; Elizabeth has been on mms since march 30th,we have experimented with a number of drops and found for her 2 drops twice daily seems to be the most effective right now.. Her involuntary muscles are working better such as breathing and swallowing..I hope more will try mms. It seems to be a deeper detox ..You just have to go very slow or you will over-do-it ..Thanks ,Elizabeth and Ronnie;


Hi Eric. Sorry it took so long to answer but I have been quite busy. I have about 15 people trying the MMS. Three are diabetics and there is one other that has ALS. This fellow got up to 15 drops in about 2 weeks with food on board. Amazing I thought! The only effect he has seen so far is a sore on one of his fingers that he has had for quite some time is completely healed. This was after about a week and one half on the MMS. As for myself, the only other benefit I have seen is a sensitive tooth I have at the gum line while brushing. It hasn't bothered me for over 2 weeks. I have been up to 15 drops with food on board for over a week now. I have backed up to 7 drops before eating in the morning and this puts me on the verge of nausea. My plan is to get back up to 15 drops before eating. Again there seems to be a huge difference taking the MMS before eating or after eating.