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July 2008

Up your pH!

Glenna says that's not nice, but the devil made me do it anyway. If you do not now own a pH test kit and check your pH often, then either there's not much hope for you or you are mentally retarded. I don't mean to question anyone's intelligence; I just want to be really emphatic about checking your pH. Here is a story about my latest pH experience:

One morning about a month ago, I woke up and was bubbling over to get out of bed and attack the world. I really felt good. Naturally, I rushed into the kitchen table to find my pH test kit. I put my saliva on the little strip of paper and it turned blue in a minute. If you're yellow, you are way below 7.0. If you're green, you're 7.0 or slightly higher. If your test paper is blue, you are 8.0.

Now, I always thought 7.0 or slightly higher was alkaline and just great. However, this new experience tells me that when you're 8.0, you're even better than anything less than that. The author of the book "The pH Miracle" says that around 7.5 is normal. However, I believe 8.0 is even better.

Remember that a low pH means you are sick and may not know it, and you are undoubtedly deficient in most minerals, especially calcium. Linus Pauling (the vitamin c guy) said that mineral deficiency is coincidental with ALL ILLNESS.

Dr. Barefoot, a medical scientist, states that cancer and other pathogens cannot survive in an alkaline pH. I believe the book "The pH Miracle" says the same thing. In fact, here is a quote from that book: "I recommend you take several things. The two most crucial are pH drops (chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide) and concentrated green powder." MMS and citric acid combined creates chlorine dioxide.

Obviously, correcting your pH to be more alkaline is critical to improving your health. Frankly, I'm not sure which comes first; sickness or acidic pH. Either way, if you take steps to improve your health, your pH will become alkaline. If you take steps to make your pH more alkaline, you will be more healthy. At any rate, I believe that the pH test is the CHEAPEST, the SIMPLEST, and BEST of all health tests available. Because of that, I believe all of you must have a pH test kit and test your pH often. The pH test kit costs only about $10 and may last you a month or more.

Call this number today and order your pH test kit:


Again, I must say "Up your pH!"