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January 2008

Yes, yes, we know, WE ARE A LITTLE LATE--and that's why we will make this one a little short.

Previously, I told you about my two water supplements; Amazing Water and Cell Food. Although I asked you to try them and let me know your results, we only had five responses. I really wonder sometimes how many of you really follow any of the suggestions. Are we wasting our time? Anyway, all five e-mail were very positive about Amazing Water. So if you haven't tried it, you might want to.

Based on my experience and improvement, we find it necessary to modify our Regimen Outline. We have just made several changes in the Outline and that's why we're late this month. I tried to make it simpler; plus some very important notes have been added here and there. We urge you to review it.


To support a long healthy life, the human body DEMANDS a variety of nutrient- rich, fresh, raw and uncontaminated foods. Most other mammals follow that diet. BUT humans eat old, processed, nutrient-poor, cooked and toxin-contaminated foods. Then, when they get sick, they wonder why. Most mammals outlive us two years to our one relatively and they are seldom sick. They do this without any healthcare system other than their diet; no medical doctors, no hospitals and no prescription drugs. Isn't that amazing? Now we ask you which one is the more intelligent animal; us or them?

Now, here is a sad letter but with a very positive message. The gentleman asked me to publish it to honor his wife. I agreed. Here it is:

Dear Eric--

When my wife, Kathy, was diagnosed with ALS in the spring of 2006 we were devastated. The "experts" at the ALS clinic at the University of Wisconsin basically told us there was no hope and advised us about how to deal with all of the awful things that were ahead.

Once the shock wore off, however, Kathy declared that she was going to "Beat this monster within me." Kathy could barely swallow and speak at that time and in July she had a PEG tube put in so that she could build back her weight. Then she started doing all kinds of research.

Near the end of that summer she came across your book and read it almost non-stop. Then she told me to read it. We were both truly amazed at and excited by what you were saying. It made sense. Finally, someone was giving us hope.

Within a short time she stopped the medications that had been prescribed, we tossed out all of the non-organic products in our house and shifted over to all organic food. She felt better almost instantly. Then we began searching for a dentist who would remove the mercury fillings from Kathy's teeth. This was no easy task, especially since she couldn't swallow and the dental work would need to be done under general anesthesia. Eventually, in June 2007, we ended up working directly with Doc Hal Huggins, who not only arranged to get Kathy's fillings removed, but also worked very closely on monitoring and improving her blood chemistries through diet and supplements. In the ensuing months he's also become a friend.

By October of this year she was able to swallow small amounts of water and she began to have small movements and regular tingling in her tongue, both things that hadn't happened in almost a year and a half. She was very optimistic that things were heading in the right direction, and had she not discovered your story it may not have happened.

Unfortunately, Kathy's story doesn't have a happy ending. Five weeks ago she lost her balance and fell backward, hitting her head and wrenching her shoulder very badly. She hadn't been sleeping very well for a long time, but after that she had difficulty sleeping at all because of the pain in her shoulder and her inability to get comfortable. That went on for three weeks and she not only grew more and more tired, but more and more restless, to the point where she couldn't even get in a short rest. Two weeks ago she died of exhaustion. The last three days of her life she managed to get maybe three or four hours of sleep, total, including nighttime and naps. And none of it was restful sleep. Her last night she was in and out of bed at least 20 times. Since she had very little use of her arms and limited leg strength, getting in and out of bed took a tremendous amount of her energy.

So, so sad. She knew that she was heading in the right direction because her body was beginning to show improvements that the "experts" said was impossible. She had begun lifting light weights again and doing low-impact exercises to strengthen her legs. And she was enthralled at the feeling of cold water once again going down her throat.

Kathy was only 57. I will miss her dearly. But I hope that her story will help others recognize the fact that "this moldy disease," as she'd been calling it, is in fact reversible.

I wanted to tell you "Thank You" for offering the hope that helped her begin her journey of healing.

You truly are a blessing to many people.

David Tank Eau Claire, Wisconsin