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December 2008

This monthly update will concentrate on my entire improvement program. I'll first tell you what I've done and then follow that with precisely what I am doing now.

During the last many years since I started my improvement program (1996), I have done many things. Remember, I knew very little at that time about what to do and I learned over the next twelve years.

The first thing I did was many, many colon hydrotherapy treatments. All in all, I've probably done 50 or more.

I've done more than 30 IV chelation treatments with DMPS and probably 50 or more IV treatments of vitamins plus minerals plus Glutathione.

I've done almost 30 foot baths in Bentonite Clay and almost 30 foot baths with the Ionic Cleanse unit.

I've done about 10 IV drips with hydrogen peroxide.

I've been on a 100% organic food diet for the last four years.

My pH has steadily increased from a low of below 6.0 to what it is now of 7.5.

I had both amalgam dental fillings removed and replaced plus I had two gold fillings removed and replaced.

I had one root canal tooth removed.

All toxic cleaning supplies have been removed from the home. We no longer use a toxic laundry detergent. We no longer store any pesticides or other toxins in our home or our nearby storage shed.

I sleep in a 100% organic bed, mattress, pillows and bedding.

There is no wood paneling in our home and we've had our carpeting and all upholstered furniture steam cleaned with vinegar and water.


The following is my daily routine that starts immediately when I first get out of bed. Many of these things I've been doing a long time and some of them are fairly new.

Here is my daily routine:

Check my pH.

Take one Probiotic pearl by Dr. David Williams before food.

Drink two 8 oz. glasses of water. I only drink Mountain Valley Spring Water. My first glass of water is mixed with 1 oz. or 2 oz. of organic pomegranate juice and my second drink contains one heaping teaspoon of psyllium about a half hour later before breakfast and dinner.

Next, I retire to the bathroom for a morning BM with one or two Fleet enemas.

After brushing my teeth, I rinse my mouth with a mix of five parts distilled water to one part "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide".

Breakfast -- About five times a week, breakfast is two poached organic eggs and one slice of organic toast with organic butter. About two times a week, I have organic cereal with sliced organic banana and organic soy milk.

Somewhere around midday, I have one or two Chai Tea latte's with soy milk provided by Starbucks. The Tazo Chai Tea is a black tea. I'm guessing I average 20 to 24 oz. of Chai Tea latte everyday. Black or green tea is good for you as is cinnamon and ginger which are both in the Chai Tea latte.

In the early afternoon, about two or three times a week, I get out in the sun stripped to my shorts for one hour or more (Vitamin D). I no longer take vitamin D; I'm getting enough from the sun. My doctor recently checked my vitamin D level and it was well above normal.

Late afternoon is time for another BM.

About one hour before dinner, I do my drinking. Drink two 8 oz. glasses of water. I only drink Mountain Valley Spring Water. My first glass of water is mixed with 1 oz. or 2 oz. of organic pomegranate juice and my second drink contains one heaping teaspoon of psyllium about a half hour later before breakfast and dinner.

Dinner -- always includes one or more organic fresh steamed vegetables. About half the time we have an organic steak also. Most days either a yam or a white potato (mostly yams).

Dessert -- frequently I have organic vanilla ice cream with certified raw Manuka honey.

Daily Supplements

Nattokinase 100 mg capsule - 3 in AM and 3 in PM

Glyconutrients - 2 scoops twice a day in organic yogurt.

Testosterone -- Most convenient in cream form -- I rub it into the skin on the inside of each thigh daily.

You might wonder why I am taking so few supplements now, so let me explain. Most supplements are made in powder or liquid. When you make the powder into a tablet, you must add a foreign material and that is usually toxic. If you put the powder or liquid into a capsule, that may be toxic also. I might remind you that I am a walking test laboratory. I have had adverse reactions to vitamins in capsules or tablets. Therefore, I no longer take any. The Nattokinase comes in a capsule that can be pulled apart and added to the yogurt. The empty capsule goes into the trash and not into my stomach.

Glyconutrients comes in a powder form in a large jar, so there's no capsule or tablet to worry about.

I plan on adding more supplements but only when I find them in bulk form.

I'm beginning to think it might be best to get your vitamins and minerals in a natural food by eating more RAW foods and ingesting more highly beneficial foods such as pomegranate juice. I also think minerals are more important than vitamins. You can get your minerals in things like Mountain Valley Spring Water or Terramin Clay.

The only other thing I have taken in the last few months is MMS. I've done that for 30 days about two times about three months apart. I plan to do that again soon.

That's the end of my program, but the following is a nice e-mail letter I received that you might be interested in:


I just wanted to thank you. I stumbled on your book and I am feeling much better thanks to you! My doctor told me to get my personals in order and that she will try to make me as comfortable as possible but she had no cure for me. HA! I told her I was doing my own research and that I was gonna beat this thing. At that time which was just a few months ago I was very weak, totally in a wheelchair, couldn't dress myself, slept day and night, could barely talk, and was scared to eat fear of chocking on my food.
Well I am stronger, take a few steps here and there but getting better at it. No longer choke on food. Breathing much better. Pain and muscle spasms are almost non-existent. And I just started on the Glyconutrients I cant wait to see how I respond to that!
I joined a few on line groups but no one responds when I recommend they read your book.
I am praying for them and you along with myself.
Keep up the great work! I am very proud of you two wish I had such a supportive spouse as you!