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August 2008



We have just completed a massive overhaul of our Regimen Outline on this web site. A lot of new material has been added and a complete restructuring and editing of the material. You may want to read it; it may help you.


There are two types of lithium. One is a natural mineral and the other is a DRUG. Do not confuse the two. All the hype about lithium and ALS must be about the drug. We have received several e-mail about lithium recently. Here are my thoughts. All the studies I've read about are either total failures or they have extended lives for maybe a year. That all sounds pretty good, BUT. My personal feeling is I either want a cure or I want to die soon. I do not want to extend my life as a PALS. That would be miserable to me and totally unacceptable. I want a cure and I am doing that. You have to make up your own mind but whichever way you go, you should go all out in that one way. In other words, if you want to follow in my steps, then you don't do drugs. If you want to do drugs, then you might as well forget about my program. Both will not work.


Just now I have come to realize that I have discovered what is probably the most significant health discovery of my lifetime.

The pH saliva test is the best barometer of your health that exists.

If you wake up in the morning and you are not bubbling over to leap out of bed and attack the world, then you are sick, and you may not know it.

Here's what I believe from my own experience and many, many pH tests over several years. The range of pH may be as low as 3.0 (very acidic) and as high as 8.0 (very alkaline). The lower the number, the sicker you are. As you move up the scale, you will feel better and better. That's what I just now realized. So, if you test your pH and you are not 8.0, you are not in the pink and you do not feel as good as you could. If you desire to be as healthy as you can be, then you must do what's necessary to raise your pH all the way up to 8.0. You will not only feel better than you probably ever have felt, but you will quite probably be preventing any major illness from ever occurring.

You can only raise your pH by a diet of more alkaline foods and supplementing that with all the necessary minerals. Of vital importance is calcium and vitamin D-3 (preferably sunshine itself).


Here are e-mail from other PALS that you may find quite interesting about using MMS:


Hello Eric. I just wanted to update you on my MMS taking. I am still stuck at 7 drops before eating and will stay there as long as it takes. Like Jim Humble says cut back if you must but don”t stop taking it. It took me a long time to get in the physical mess I’m in and I don”t expect it to be resolved overnight.
There are 2 other friends of mine on MMS. One has type 2 diabetes controlled with diet and the other has psoriasis and some arthritis in his knees.
My diabetic friend went from getting up 3 to 4 times a night to the bathroom to just once a night. Every 3 to 5 days he would have a temporary spike in blood sugar and the MMS seems to have resolved this. He also sleeps much better and he thinks he has more energy.
My other friend has psoriasis on his head and face. He says his head is no longer itchy (and it always was) and his face isn”t as red or sensitive anymore. The arthritis in his knees also seems to be gone.
If you are interested next month I can send more MMS examples but mostly about non ALS problems.
Stuart Phillips


Hello Eric and Glenna,
I just wanted to put in a positive word for MMS. I started the recommended protocol 2 months ago and worked up to 15 drops twice a day after three weeks. Now I'm on the maintenance dose of 6 drops twice a week. I agree with you Eric, MMS is the best deal in town! There is no way to see what it is doing inside the body but there sure are outward signs of it's powerful detoxifying properties. Almost immediately the chronic swelling in my hands and feet disappeared, the chill I always feel is dissipating, tiny little hairs are starting to grow back on my arms and legs and my nails are finally coming in clear and smooth - no fungus . Amazing. If it is producing such quick and obvious visible results, I'm optimistic for other manifestations of it's benefits. Thank you for all that you do for us. God bless you!
Deanna A.


Hi Eric. Stu Phillips here from Moncton, NB, Canada. I have been on the MMS for about 3 ½ weeks and I am up to 11 drops twice a day with on board.
It seems to make a big difference if you take it on an empty stomach. My toe fungus is starting to clear up but has quite a ways to go. I also don”t get up to urinate quite as often at night. I was diagnosed with ALS but it has never been proven that I don”t have Lyme disease. According to
Jim Humble it could take a year of taking MMS to cure Lyme but apparently it will cure it. That is all for now.


Dear Eric... We have a lady to come to the house to give Elizabeth ionic foot baths...I noticed the last time she was here 2 weeks ago that the water was looking worse..Well today it was black as tar..The worst it has ever been and she has been getting foot baths for nearly 2 years.. At first she was coming twice a week until the water cleared up then we were just doing it ever 2 weeks..But since we have been on mms I had to start back getting them every week..The mms must be breaking a lot more toxings loose...God Bless Elizabeth and Ronnie... P. S. Oh yes her ph is now 7.5 and she is feeling a lot better....



In a later e-mail, Ronnie and Elizabeth (shown above), said they would welcome any inquiries. That's why they included their e-mail address. Feel free to contact them if you desire.


That's it for this month. Bye for now.

Eric and Glenna