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April 2008

Many medical doctors believe we have an epidemic of Lyme disease. Many of them also believe that some neuro illnesses such as ALS and MS are misdiagnosed and are really Lyme disease. Here is what I believe: There's no point in arguing about it since we have a treatment for either one. I'm talking about MMS (see March 2008 Update).

Our Regimen Outline has undergone a major revision with much new information about MMS. Actually, we have created three new Regimen Outlines. Regimen Outline No. 1 is very basic and will be in our ninth revision of our book. Regimen Outline No. 2 is for low budget PALS. It will be in our book and on our web site. Regimen Outline No. 3 with more detailed information will be only on our web site. It will always have the latest information. You may want to review it now.

You might be interested in the story about one woman's experience treating Lyme disease. She has an incredible story about her difficult and lengthy experience with medical doctors. You will find her story on the following web site: http://www.wildcondor.com/lyme.html

The following is a very interesting and informative story again about treating Lyme disease. Erwin gave me permission to post this e-mail and with his e-mail address for your benefit. Here is his story:

Hi Eric:

Nice to hear from you again. I did read your information about the miracle mineral water. At first, I did not comprehend the significance until you explained that it controls an alkaline pH. I have been trying for months to get my pH above 7.0 with no success. It just keeps hovering around 6.5. I will be ordering the water so that I can get my pH under control.

I have reviewed Virginia's case history that I sent months ago and made a few changes. The case history follows:

I do still believe in the Bowen test for Lyme disease even though the test is no longer available at Bowen Lab. The State of Florida, due to political pressure, removed Bowen's license to perform a test that was 100% accurate. Bowen Lab now refers patients to the Central Florida Lab. http://centralfloridaresearch.com/lab2/ Central Florida's tests are more expensive than the tests were at Bowen Labs.

I still believe, 100%, that ALS is just one set of symptoms of Lyme disease. Virginia had the Elisa and Western Blot tests for lyme disease and the results came back negative. The Bowen lab tests showed that Virginia had the highest degree of infection by the bacteria. The test actually visualized the bacteria and they were described as L-form which is a stealth form that the immune system can not detect. As a side note, my daughter took her own life because of depression from Bipolar disease. It is now known that Bipolar is also just another set of symptoms of Lyme disease. The borrelia burgdorferi bacteria is so stealthy and prolific that it can cause the malfunction of any human and animal organ that it inhabits. The worst part is that it can take years to eliminate the bacteria from a body and it can quickly return.

For Virginia's ALS treatment, we used physicians grade Colloidal Silver (Argentyne 23) from Natural Immunogenics Corp. That product is 23 ppm colloidal silver in sterile water. It is intended for use with IV treatments. The higher ppm provides more silver with a smaller amount of water. This is desireable when injecting into a vein.

Virginia's treatments were started with 20 ml of Argentyne 23 mixed with sterile water in an IV bottle. If there was a herx reaction, this treatment level was continued every Tuesday and Thursday until the herxes were no longer significant. The quantity was then doubled to 40 ml of Argentyne 23 in an IV bottle of sterile water. The doubling procedure was continued until a whole 8 ounce bottle of argentyne 23 could be used in a single IV treatment. It seemed that a plateau had occurred after several of the IV treatments at 8 ounce. By plateau, I mean that the herx reaction seemed to be continuous and did not subside after one or two days. When this happened, we stopped the IV treatments to wait for Virginia to recover. She kept urging me to start the treatments again. She could not speak well, but I could understand her to say "silver" over and over again.

Along with the silver, I was using, on Virginia, TOA free Samento and the salt / vitamin C protocol of lymephotos.com . I kept the salt level at 8 grams per day. Virginia was beginning to have skin lesions on her body from parasites escaping the salt. Virginia was also receiving daily oral doxycycline tablets (antibiotic).

The treatments were definitely causing improvements for Virginia. Before this treatment, we only used antibiotics. Her condition detiorated to the point that she could not move a muscle. She could not hold her head up and she could not speak or swallow. A feeding tube was placed into her stomach. She also had an IV PICC line from her arm to her heart.

The treatment that we used resulted in improvements. Virginia began to hold her head up. That was wonderful. It allowed me to push her around outside in a wheel chair for as long as an hour. Then a miracle occurred; she began to swallow small amounts of a milk shake from Burger King. We all thought that she was on her way back!

When Virginia experienced a fever and severe sweating, I stopped the treatments again. A few days after that, blood came from her mouth and she suffocated.

An autopsy was not performed, I just could not bear it. Later, I learned from an internet search, at Pub Med, that severe sweating is one symptom of a blood clot in a lung artery. The clot leads to lung cell death and a subsequent pulmonary embolism. Pub med also stated that a clump of bacteria or parasites can lead to a clot in a lung artery. No way to prove it, but I suspect that the silver, samento, or salt treatments liberated bacteria and/or parasites and they blocked a lung artery. Another possibility is that Virginia experienced a blood clot in her legs from immobility and the clot moved to her lungs.

Lets talk about me! I felt certain that I would not be spared from the lyme disease so I decided to start treating myself in September 2006. I started using the lymephotos.com salt / vitamin C protocol. I also put one dropper full of 10 ppm colloidal silver in a glass of water. In a couple of months I had skin lesions on my legs, arms, and head. I also had the lumps on both sides of the back of my neck that are described in lymephotos.com. I pulled scabs from the lesions and looked at them with my Radio Shack pocket microscope at 100 times magnification. There were incredible amounts of the string like nematodes on the underside of the scabs. I could also see the nematodes in the lesions on my arms. These were the same string like parasites that I saw coming out of Virginia's skin lesions. I was convinced that my body was invaded like Virginia's.

Over a few months I increased the salt intake to 15 grams per day and the vitamin C to 15 grams per day. In December 2006, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 190 over 120. The doctor said that it would be wise to stop the salt. I did not take his advice and continued using the salt at high levels for several more months.

Eventually, I stopped the salt and experimented with garlic and then with aloe. The lesions on my neck subsided and the numbness returned to the toes. The experiment was not effective against parasites and bacteria. My doctor told me that he read that cinnamon could be effective against parasites and bacteria. I bought a bottle of 500mg cinnamon capsules at WalMart and started at 2 capsules per day. I was by that time up to 5 eye droppers full of 10 ppm CS in a glass of water, once a day.

To this date, March 2008, I am up to 10 cinnamon capsules (500mg) twice a day and 10 vitamin C tablets (1000mg) twice a day. I weigh about 200 pounds. I then tried a 16 ounce glass of about 5 ppm CS (undiluted), that was made with my generator (SilverGen model SGA6). I took 2 glasses full a day for two days. Each morning I felt a little depressed and joints were aching. I considered these as Herx reactions to the silver. During all of this, I also took 1600 mg of vitamin E to thin the blood to prevent clots. I now have nattokinase for anti-clotting so I have reduced the vitamin E to 800 mg per day.

I am presently making 5 ppm colloidal silver which I liberally use as my everyday drinking water. There are many lesions on me. There are two big lumps, one is on my left forearm and one is on the back of my right hand. My big toes are still a little numb. I am also experiencing an effect like restless legs. This leads me to suspect that restless legs syndrome is really caused by toxins from bacteria and parasites. In my case, a lot of toxins from dying bacteria and parasites.

I will use the skin lesions, restless legs, and numb toes as indicators to the effectiveness of the treatments. When these pass, I will know that I am clean inside.

If my blood pressure was not a problem, I would prefer to use the salt treatment because it is claimed to be working on many people. The people that provide the lymephotos.com website are pretty smart. I suspect they are doctors or biologists with medical knowledge and access to some sophisticated equipment. These guys are probably staying anonymous so that they do not get blackballed in their fields. The salt technique makes common sense. Salted food is never attacked by bacteria or parasites. Farmers for many years used salt licks to rid cattle of bacteria and parasites. Farmers are encouraged to use antibiotic licks and now we have ecoli and mad cow disease!

There is an important observation that I saw on myself and Virginia. The hair had stopped growing on Virginia's legs. I did not realize that she had stopped shaving her legs. During her treatment for Lyme bacteria, little goose bumps began to appear on her legs. Eventually, hair broke though the bumps and her legs began to get hairy. Un-noticed by me, the hair was disappearing from my forearms. My forearms are now hairyer that ever in my life. Also, hair had stopped growing at spots on my stomach and legs. That hair is also returning. I keep watching my balding head for signs of hair. So far, I am the only one who sees some tiny hairs. Dr. Lida Mattman showed that borrelia bacteria can pass from animals to humans and from human to human. Could it be that baldness is a result of a mother passing borrelia bacteria to the child at birth? That could explain why baldness is considered to pass from the maternal side of the family. I am hoping that it is a possibility!

Good luck