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October 2007


ALS and Lyme are among the most MISDIAGNOSED illnesses. There is no single test to diagnose ALS. All they have to go on is your symptoms. Lyme disease, on the other hand, may be diagnosed with a single test. HOWEVER, most tests are completely unreliable. I have had at least four different tests from four different labs and four negative results; BUT, a fifth test indicated positive. In spite of that, I do not think I have Lyme, but of course there is no way of knowing for certain.

There is at least one medical doctor who believes that all ALS is really Lyme disease and we have an epidemic of Lyme. My over fifteen years of living with ALS or Lyme and treating myself has convinced me that it's not that simple. Rather, I think you might say all Lyme disease is ALS. Here's why I say that. I believe that ALS may be caused by MANY DIFFERENT neuro toxins, and the toxin caused by a spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi, is just another neuro toxin. Because it is a different toxin, you may have different symptoms from normal ALS. Of course all neuro degenerative illnesses share the same PRIMARY symptom of muscle weakness and muscle atrophy.

One reason that Lyme is so difficult to diagnose and test for, is that the spirochete has the unique ability to hide in OTHER CELLS and no test will determine their presence. Another thing unique to this bug is the fact that you will treat it with an antibiotic and because your symptoms improve, you think it's gone. However, it is only hiding and it will reoccur soon. The standard medical treatment is to take an antibiotic for a few weeks. Experience has proven that just won't do it. According to what I read, relapses can reoccur weeks, months or years later.

Since you and I or any doctor cannot be certain whether we have Lyme or ALS, my conclusion is we should assume we have Lyme and treat it accordingly.

In our Regimen Outline I mention a book called "The New Colloidal Silver Manual: Introducing the Powerful Natural Antibiotic They Want to Take Away From You" by alternative medicine journalist S. Spencer Jones. This book provides a WEALTH OF INFORMATION about how colloidal silver may be used for many, many health problems from athlete's foot to Lyme. The book suggests a treatment of one ounce or more per day of 20 ppm to 30 ppm colloidal silver. How long? I don't know. My best guess, however, is to take it for a year or more or maybe the rest of your life. I just really don't know and no one else seems to know either.

Colloidal silver is also proven to be effective in eliminating types of parasites as well as the spirochete that causes Lyme. There is an important warning that comes with this treatment. If you go at it too aggressively, you might kill off too many bugs at one time for the body to handle or eliminate from your system. This can cause what they call Herxheimer's reaction. This reaction can cause flu-like symptoms. If this occurs, you might consider easing off your treatment, but don't quit it entirely because this reaction means you are accomplishing what you want.

I plan to begin colloidal silver treatment now at one ounce per day and later one ounce twice a day and from then on I don't know. I will play it by ear.

The following is a very interesting e-mail from the son of a fellow PALS in Norway:

Hei Eric. ALA is Alpha Lipoic Acid.You have written a few things about iy in your book. DMSA is (Dimercaptosuccinic acid) . They both contain more than one thiol group so they are very effective in detoxing mercury. The problem with mercury is the mercury in the brain. The mercury enters the brain when it is still metal mercury Hg 0. Then it gets oxidiced and it turns into Hg++. This is the nasty state of mercury. No it is more or less not moveable anymore. It stays in the brain for years and years. It then builts up slowely until it reaches a point where you get all sorts of problems. I am convinced mercury is involved in creating ALS. The Swedish chemist Mats Hanson has followed many Swedish ALS victims for many years. He has told me that he has never seen an ALS patient who had not been exposed to mercury or lead. Or a cobination. Amalgam with its 50% mercury is the most common source of mercury. It is a disaster what has happened.

Because ALS very often progesses fast than it is important to detox mercury from the very first beginning of diagnosis.The problem with mercury detox is the symptoms that develops when mercury comes loose into the bloodstreem. Thus it is important not to take too large a dose of DMSA, ALA. Take 25-100 mg of ALA and DMSA if you can handle it . If not take lesser dosis. It is important to take this every 4. hour for 3 days. Than take a week off. ALA moves the mercury in and out of the brain through the blood brain barrier. Thus it is important to lower the body burden before you start with ALA. Sometimes it is nessesary to take DMSA for about 6 months before you start with ALA. ALA enters the brain not DMSA. Thus ALA is the most important. It is all explained in A. Cutlers book Amalgam illness.

My good friend Kaj Strømmen is completely cured of MS. He was mercury poisoned. No doctor is interested in what cured him. This only shows that something is completely wrong with the establishment.

Here in Norway i have registered more and more ALS victims who have both ALS and alzheimer . The doctors tell them that ALS is the cause of the development of alzheimer. It is completely crazy. The biggest problem today is the lack of knowledge among our citizens. We are fed propaganda day in and day out. Only a few of us are capable to understand what is going on. Sadly. I am willing to help as much as i can . You can just send me questions as often as you want to. You are welcome to post my e- mails on your site.

Best regards from Bergen Norway and us at the noamalgam.org website.
Per kjellstad