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March 2007


Here is another example of a drug that may cause ALS. Laura just sent me an e-mail about her experience with Prilosec. She said her earliest symptoms began soon after taking Prilosec for acid reflux. Apparently Prilosec and any other PPI drug may cause ALS by depriving the body of acids which are necessary to metabolize vitamins and nutrients. She also said when reading about B vitamin deficiency and neuropathy you'll find amazing correlations to ALS. In the beginning of her e-mail, she writes that she has been following our program with variations for three years and is much better today. I love to hear that.

For what it's worth, this is another example of a needless drug causing a serious illness. There are better ways to treat so-called acid reflux.


A lot of e-mail comes our way with many questions about ALS. Included in those messages are statements like "I'm following most of your Outline" or "I can't do this or that because of this or that." It sounds to me like the writers are asking me to excuse them for not doing some treatment. Therefore, I want to remind all of you that THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. I cannot tell you that if you do such and such, it will cure your condition. However, I can tell you if you don't do certain things, you will never have success in treating ALS. Another statement I get a lot is "We are eating all organic food and taking many supplements." They rarely tell me about their detox treatments or that they have eliminated all toxins in their environment or that they are doing colon hydrotherapy. Therefore, I would like to share with all of you the following information.

Eating all organic food and taking a lot of supplements is great. BUT, that will not cure ALS. The VERY IMPORTANT things that you absolutely must do is:

1. DETOXIFY YOUR BODY until it is pure and pristine as possible.

2. Your must ELIMINATE ALL TOXINS in your home and your environment. If you do everything else and miss one toxin in your home, you will probably not be successful. This is the one item that I believe is the most overlooked thing to do. There's much more in the book about this and much more in all the previous monthly Updates.

3. You must CLEANSE THE COLON and the liver and keep them clean. The best way I know to cleanse your colon is with many colon hydrotherapy treatments. A good way to keep your colon clean is to take Psyllium daily. You cannot be constipated and have any success in detoxifying your body.

The Regimen Outline, which is in the book and on this web site, was created to remind you of all the main things you should consider doing. The Outline on this web site is occasionally revised. I just added an important paragraph to #3, Avoiding Toxins, which is in Phase One. You might read this and you may find it interesting. Actually, I think it would be a good idea for all of you to read the Outline more than once. It contains important information that you may not retain after reading it only once.

I also completely revised our Home Page on this web site and you may find that interesting too.

Next month I will bring you up-to-date on my personal progress with ALS.

Bye for now.