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July 2007

This month I would like to clarify something I've already said in my book and more than once in these Updates. I get so much e-mail where it is apparent that the writer did not understand this one principle. Perhaps I have stated it too simply and I have not elaborated. Therefore, I want to elaborate now.

This is only my opinion but it's based on everything I've read and all of my experiences with my ALS of much more than ten years.

TOXINS ARE THE CAUSE OF ALS. It may be one single toxin or an accumulation of toxins. It may be an accumulation over the years of one toxin or an accumulation of many toxins. If toxins are the cause of ALS, then obviously the correct treatment is to first eliminate your exposure to them. There are some PALS who have eliminated one toxin and have immediate improvement. There's the story in one of my Updates where a PALS simply moved his residence and immediately improved. Apparently he was living on a toxic dump site previously. There are more than a few stories of PALS who have removed all their amalgam dental fillings and had immediate improvement. Usually, this dos not happen because eliminating one toxin is not always the answer. Here is the reason why:

More often than not, the PALS has had an accumulation of toxins in the body. So usually one must not only eliminate the source of the toxin, but also detoxify the body of all accumulated toxins.

Obviously it is a good idea to determine, if possible, what toxin you may consider the primary or the trigger toxin for your ALS. Of course that one must go. However, here is a point that is even more important.


In other words, you are now vulnerable to ANY AND EVERY TOXIN in your body and in your environment. Therefore, the only way to expect improvement in your condition is to eliminate EVERY TOXIN IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND IN YOUR BODY. You cannot make excuses for not doing it all. I don't care which treatment you select, but you simply must detoxify your body and continue to do so for a long time. How long? I don't know. It varies from one person to another.

Please do not make the same mistake that I have made. I began improving years ago so I quit looking for toxins in my environment and I quit detoxifying my body. If I would have done all the things that I now know are necessary years ago, I would be a lot better off today. What I'm saying is this. I did not follow my own advice very well. On the other hand, I didn't know then what I know now.

When I first started writing my book, I was fairly certain of my theory about toxins. However, since then, I have become thoroughly convinced and there is no doubt in my mind.

Here's another point that bears repeating because I am asked about this a lot. There are many types of live cell transplant treatments available from China to the Bahamas. ALL OF THEM, including STEM CELLS, are a Phase Two treatment. Before any live cell treatment, I urge you to be fairly certain that you are ready for Phase Two treatments; otherwise you may be wasting your money. For example, in China they had immediate improvement in most of their patients treated with new stem cells. However, their improvement soon reversed. I knew that would happen before I read about it because of what I've already said. You see, it's all very simple: The new cells, such as stem cells, are vulnerable and may easily be killed by the toxins still in your body.

If your house was on fire, and partially damaged by the fire, it would not be logical to begin rebuilding until you have put out the fire. This is a perfect example of Phase One being the fire and Phase Two being rebuilding. You simply must TREAT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM BEFORE YOU BEGIN RESTORATION.

Here is another situation I often hear about. Someone tells me that they have done everything I suggest and they're still not improving. Usually, they HAVE NOT done EVERYTHING. I first direct them to our Regimen Outline on this web site and suggest that they review that. The Outline contains all the main things I would do. Now, here is the most important item to consider if you are in this situation. There is a high probability that you have not eliminated every single toxin in your environment. I urge you not to evaluate how toxic some toxins might be, but rather eliminate all of them. You just don't know which one may be your problem. You might think about your daily activities as you go through them and think toxins. When you're brushing your teeth, is the toothpaste toxic? Is your aftershave lotion toxic? Is your wife's hair spray toxic? I could go on and on and on, but I think you've got the idea. I think that for any toxic product you may now be using, there is a non-toxic product available that may be just as good or even better. (See Tips from Glenna on this web site.)

I'm often asked "How do you know when you have completed Phase One?" Well, the only way I knew, is that my symptoms stopped getting worse. That was my first clue. Then, I began to notice a tiny improvement here and there in my motion. It may take two or three months for you to realize this.

Here is a thought that may help you in determining whether or not you are ready for Phase Two treatments. Contact Even Better Now (see our Regimen Outline) and place a minimum order of brain cells only. If the time is right, you should have some indication of improvement in only a few days. If you don't, then you're simply not ready for Phase Two treatments of any type.

Here is one last suggestion for anyone reading this. If I were any one of you, and I thought that my suggestions have merit, then I would want to follow all of them. I would reread my book with a highlighter and highlight portions you want to remember. There is so much information in our book that I don't believe anyone can comprehend all of it in one reading. When I previously worked for a large insurance company, I often received new bulletins from the company about some procedural change. I learned very early on that I had to read the bulletin at least twice to be sure I understood it completely. I believe we are all the same way.

I really hope these suggestions help you understand the general treatment of ALS.

Here is an update on my improvement. We have a Ms. Pac-Man machine that we bought over twenty years ago. We recently had some repairs done including two new control joy sticks. These new ones have much, much stronger springs to push against. At first, I could hardly work them because of weakness in my arms and hands. I thought I made a real mistake; but after only a few days, I was able to work them quite well. Now it's been about two months and I am able to work the joy stick better than ever and I'm glad I replaced them.

Bye for now,