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February 2007


There are several items I wish to bring to your attention this month. Each item will have its own heading.

RESVERATROL (From red-wine grapes)

We've known for years that the French have something in their diet that makes them live longer and we've known it's probably red wine. Now, we know what is in the red wine. The magazine "Newsweek" has an article about Resveratrol in their 12-11-06 issue. The article is written by two medical doctors from Harvard Medical School. They discuss a study that compared three groups of middle aged mice on three different diets. Only one of the three diets included Resveratrol. The group that received Resveratrol was not only healthier and more active, but their death rate was reduced by 30%. This is only the highlight of the article, but I thought that any one item that could be that significant might be of benefit to anyone with any illness including ALS. I have not tried it yet, but I plan to immediately. According to the article, Resveratrol is now available in the health food stores. I think it would be a good idea to eat the red grapes along with the supplement. There may be something in the red grape that would work synergistically with the Resveratrol.


I have a pamphlet on "Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide" by Gordon Josephs, DO, MD(H), Scottsdale, Arizona. At this time, Dr. Josephs is licensed as a homeopathic physician in Arizona. There are only three states which presently license doctors as homeopaths.

The following are some of the items for which peroxide has been proven to be effective:

1. Peroxide stimulates the immune system.
2. Peroxide kills a dozen different pathogenic bacteria. It kills many viruses, yeast and fungus too.
3. Peroxide even improves circulation and unblocks arteries, like chelation does.
4. It causes debris deep down in the lungs to be expelled.
5. It gets rid of all kinds of chronic pains, but nobody is certain why.
6. It oxygenates the body, better than if you get into a $100,000 hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
7. Peroxide even destroys some cancerous tumors.

The list goes on and on, but even if it only does half of that, it could be worth doing. I've already had two peroxide treatments and plan on doing at least ten. You will probably have to find an ACAM doctor who does chelation IV and peroxide IV. This is my thought, but these peroxide treatments could possibly be effective for treatment of Lyme disease.


New carpeting may emit toxic vapors for up to five years or more. I have just learned of an effective carpet cleaning product that will minimize or eliminate toxic vapor from carpeting.

Here is the web site for more information of this product:


It is called AMF SafeChoice Lock Out Carpet Fiber Sealer.


According to a December 18 article in the "L. A. Times," the US dietary supplement industry will be required to report consumer side effects from its products. They will be required to report events such as death and hospitalization to the FDA. This Bill was the result of two deaths that occurred from taking the supplement EPHEDRA.

Now that would be hilarious if it weren't so damned serious. You see, the drug companies, to the best of my knowledge, are not required to do that. BUT, we know that about 110,000 people die annually in the US from taking prescription drugs and that's based on VOLUNTARY reporting in HOSPITALS only. We have no idea how many really die from drugs. It is my guess that if the truth were known it would be far more than the half of a million who die every year from tobacco.

Talk about a double standard--WOW.

The article also indicates that the supplement industry takes in $22 billion a year. Now, that must be from people who are dissatisfied with their medical doctor's treatment of drugs only.


Most of us learn from books and articles written by other people. However, we only accept information that is LOGICAL. Even then we would prefer to test the theory before we fully believe that it's correct. This is especially true when we read conflicting articles about the same subject.

I have read books and articles about the soy bean and soy milk that differ about the benefits of soy. The history books tell us that the Chinese have been eating the soy bean for centuries and it may be the cause of their good health. Today we know that Chinese babies are among the healthiest in the world. To the contrary, I have read articles elsewhere and on the Internet that say soy is no good; in fact it is even toxic. I don't know which one is right, but here is my experience: If I have a low pH on a given day and I eat soy beans for part of my dinner, my pH will be well above 7.0 the very next morning. Additionally, I'm always stronger when my pH is up. Also, I am like a guinea pig in a way. If I eat or drink ANYTHING that's the least little bit toxic, I can tell it within twelve hours. Now I have been drinking a Starbucks Chi Tea latte with soy milk for somewhere between two and three years. I have not missed a day in all that time. I drink an average of 20 oz. everyday. Now I'm certain that if the soy milk was the least bit toxic, I would know it. Actually, my strength oftentimes improves within two or three hours of drinking my latte. I have even used organic milk for over a month in my lattes just to see if there would be any difference. The only difference is that I'm not as strong when I drink the regular milk. My conclusion is that the soy bean and soy milk is good for me.


Several months ago, I developed swollen legs because blood clots had formed in my veins. The doctor was worried I might die from a blood clot moving up to the lung, heart or brain. He put me in the hospital immediately and put me on blood thinning drugs. As I said before, I believe in drugs only for emergencies or life threatening and temporary situations. The long and the short of it is this. Within one week from out of the hospital I switched from drugs to niacin and Nattokinase (obtained from Even Better Now). The result: My swollen legs are 99% normal. I suspect the E-Lyte may have been part of the problem and I no longer take E-Lyte.