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February 2007


First of all, do we have a problem? A retired government official recently said on national TV that we have the LEAST EFFICIENT and the MOST EXPENSIVE medical system IN THE WORLD. I think we do have a problem.

I know I'm slow, but I believe I have finally figured it out and can now present it to you in the simplest terms. I had to live 77 years, develop a terminal illness, and study this problem for over ten years to reach this conclusion about healthcare USA. The reason I'm telling you more about this is because it is imperative that you understand the problem if you have a serious or terminal illness. After the fourth diagnosis in 1996, I was told to go home and die. I was told specifically that THERE IS NO CURE and that I should not even look for one. Now I can reasonably say that THE MEDICAL DOCTORS WERE WRONG. There are natural cures and I have proven that. What worked for me is diet and detox primarily.

Here are the basic FACTS that may help you understand more about this problem.

ALL publicly held corporations exist to make a profit. The day-to-day goal of the top managers is to increase their profits in order to keep their million dollar jobs. Their jobs are in jeopardy if they don't. There are limitations to reducing the cost of their product, and competition limits the sale price of their product. Therefore, the best way to increase their profits is to sell more to their present customers AND, more importantly, increase the number of their customers. This works quite well for most products, but it FAILS MISERABLY when it comes to prescription drugs for obvious reasons. This system provides absolutely no motivation for developing a cure. They will make more money if they never cure anyone of anything. They have developed, and the FDA has approved, well over 10,000 prescription drugs in the last few decades Not one of them, to my knowledge, provides a CURE. Can that be accidental? By not curing anyone, the number of sick people will increase. That means that the number of their customers will increase. In my opinion, it is no accident that we are now the sickest country in the whole world, and coincidentally we are taking more prescription drugs than ever before. A recent study of a large group of Medicare patients revealed that their average number of prescription drugs was an astonishing SIXTEEN.

There is a law in the USA that says ONLY A DRUG CAN CURE. That is an oxymoron because no drug that I know of cures anything except for an antibiotic that may cure an infection. Therefore, a medical doctor risks breaking the law and losing his license if he cures you of any illness with a treatment other than a prescription drug. That no doubt explains why most MD's are not the least bit interested in the success of anyone like me. They don't even want to know about it.

There are medical doctors who learn this and also learn about real cures. These maverick doctors, who are responsible for saving my life, have written many books trying to blow the whistle on the present system. The problem is, however, very few people read the books, but I read them. The title of one of these books tells it all. The title is "Detoxify or Die" written by an MD. To my knowledge, the AMA has no approved treatment to detoxify.

Okay, so now you have a terminal illness such as ALS, what are you to do? The first thing is to divorce your medical doctor unless he or she believes in alternative treatments. That sounds harsh, but actually your MD has already abandoned you when he or she told you there is no cure and/or go home and die.

If you want a treatment and not a cure, you may continue with your MD. In all probability you will never be cured and you will follow the treatment for the rest of your life, however short that may be. If you are looking for a cure, and there are cures, then you must find some other healthcare professional to help you.


No medical doctor or anyone else in the entire world can heal you or I of anything. ALL HEALING OCCURS WITHIN THE BODY AND BY THE BODY. All anyone can do is to be an assistant to that process. From the date of conception, the body grows and develops based entirely on the nutrients it receives. Our health continues only as long as the nutrients are there. Without oxygen, we will die in minutes. Without water, we will die in about one week. Without any food, we will die in about one month. If we ate only plastic and cardboard, we will not live more than a month either. We must have the nutrients in fresh, high quality food to sustain life. Our bodies do not require drugs to live a healthy life. Several decades ago, medical doctors relied on special diets to actually cure illness. Today, that is long gone. In the 1930's the Mayo Clinic was having great success curing many illnesses including cancer with a diet of fresh raw organic whole milk. Today, it is my understanding that medical schools teach almost nothing about diet and nutrition.


There are many illnesses which are caused by lack of proper nutrition. The only real cure for these illnesses is to provide the body with the missing nutrients.

There are many illnesses that are caused by environmental toxins. We live in a highly polluted environment. Thousands of us die every year from the toxins that pollute our air, water and food. When the body becomes overwhelmed with too many toxins for it to handle or eliminate, the body stores the toxins in the body tissue and organs. This leads to eventual illness and/or death. The obvious solution is to help the body eliminate the toxins. To my knowledge, the AMA has no approved treatment to do this.

Well now, do you understand that we have a problem? But wait, that's only half of it. The REAL CAUSE of this problem is the fact that our medical doctors are not trained in nutrition or how to treat toxins. Possibly 90% of all illness is caused by these two problems. Yet, the MD's can only treat you with drugs and/or surgery.



The PROBLEM with healthcare is this: It is far too expensive and in spite of that we are the sickest country in the world.

#2 -- CAUSE

Here is the PRIMARY CAUSE of this problem. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR A MEDICAL DOCTOR TO CURE HIS PATIENTS. The law states that only a drug can cure and to my knowledge no drug cures any illness other than antibiotics for an infection. Fortunately, this law does not prevent you or I from curing ourselves.


The obvious SOLUTION is to change the law. This law creates a monopoly for the drug companies and they do not develop cures.


Are there any indications that this law has adverse effects? YES!

Example #1 -- Why else would a medical doctor in the 21st century tell his ALS patient to go home and die? Because the law prevents him from offering any other type of assistance and they have no drug for ALS. (There is one drug approved for ALS but it costs about $1000 a month and has almost no benefit and extremely bad side effects). Do you think it is morally responsible for a medical doctor to completely abandon his patient when the patient needs him the most?

Example #2 -- Prior to my ALS, I thought all doctors were interested in healing their patients. However, when I began to cure myself of ALS, I tried to tell several doctors of my success and what I was doing. Their total lack of interest amazed me.

What if they passed a law that said only gasoline can be used to propel your automobile? This would certainly favor the oil companies the same way the above law favors the drug companies. It would totally eliminate all competition by either alternative fuels such as diesel, hydrogen, electric, etc.