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December 2007

Several books have come to my attention lately and I have read them all. What I have gathered from more than one of these recent books is the fact that THERE IS ONLY ONE DISEASE but with many symptoms. How do you like that statement? Well, let me explain further. There is only one disease with one cause and, therefore, one cure. If there is only one cause, then you must conclude that there is only one disease but with many symptoms. Well, Eric, hurry and tell me what is the cause and the cure? Hold on, I'm coming to that.

I've been convinced for several years now that toxins are the cause of ALS, and probably all the other neuro degenerative diseases. Recently I have concluded that cancer is caused by toxins and also heart disease. Now, I believe that all disease is caused by toxins.

One of the books that I've read was written almost a hundred years ago. The book contains a diet that has been known to cure tuberculosis, cancer, and much more. NOTE: It is the grape cure that has been around for about 400 years. The book "The Grape Cure" was first published in the 1920's and it's still available today. What does that tell you?

Now folks, most medical doctors treat you only with drugs AND NEVER A DIET. That's dead wrong and I'll prove it to you now. If you want to cure any illness, YOU MUST TREAT THE CAUSE. Would you agree? Now for the punch line. DRUGS DO NOT TREAT THE CAUSE and, therefore, do not cure (with rare exceptions such as antibiotics).

Now for the cure. There are probably many natural cures for cancer; probably as many as there are diets. I'm fairly well convinced that a strong, healthy diet of raw organic vegetables, fruit and nuts will cure most, if not all, illness. However, the main reason is that a healthy diet will probably correct your pH balance to more alkaline. So the real cure lies in correcting your pH. At the end of this Update, you will find three books that you may want to read. The number one book that I recommend is "The pH Miracle." This book is a real eye-opener and a real life saver. As you know, I've always been big on balancing your pH to more alkaline, but now I know more about WHY.

Here are the three books:

"The Grape Cure" by Johanna Brandt

"The pH Miracle" by Robert O. Young

Both of the above books were ordered by phone from Border Bookstore. They will ship free of charge.

"There Are No Incurable Diseases" by Dr. Richard Schulze

You can call 1 (877) 832-2463 to order this book.