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August 2007 (Revised 8-5-07)


A personal friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer. Also, Glenna and I just returned from a Starbucks date with two other couples. Two of those other four people have had or now have cancer. Even more than that, we discussed five other people who are common acquaintances who have cancer. Isn't that alarming? According to an article in the newspaper several months ago, cancer is now the leading cause of death in the USA. I'm writing about this, and not ALS, because some of you reading this may benefit from the information. Also, I have no great material about ALS for this month.

The following information is based on what I have read and/or what I believe from my observations. Remember, I am not a healthcare professional and this is just my personal opinion based on accumulated information.

There are amazing similarities in cancer and ALS and also many other illnesses. For example: ALS is caused by toxins and cancer is caused by toxins. Now if you ask an MD what is the cause of cancer, he will more than likely say that he doesn't know. I believe they do not want you to know. However, there are certain substances that are known to cause cancer based on clinical studies. They call these substances carcinogens. Interestingly, all known carcinogens are toxins. My conclusion is that any and all toxins may cause cancer and probably do, especially when so many are accumulated in our bodies.

If toxins are the real cause of cancer, then what should one do to treat it? First, you must remember that I cannot tell you what YOU should do to treat any illness. However, I believe that I can tell you what I would do. I would follow the same regimen to treat cancer that I did to treat my ALS condition: primarily detoxify my body and avoid all toxins in my environment.

What about chemo therapy that the medical doctors recommend? Well, based on my lifetime of experience and observations of others, I would never have chemo therapy. According to what I have read, chemo kills as many as it cures, and I don't like those odds. I read an article just the other day where the author had just interviewed a neurologist. The MD told the author that even if he had a cancerous brain tumor, he would never have chemo therapy. The author asked him if he still recommended chemo to his patients. The doctor replied yes. The author asked why? The doctor replied that if he did anything else, they would kick him out of the hospital because that is THE only recommended treatment. Actually, for any doctor to recommend any treatment other than chemo could cause him to lose his medical license and/or be put in jail. Conclusion: We have doctors recommending treatments that they would not have done on themselves. That is a sad situation, but that is 100% true.

There is a Dr. Lorraine Day who developed breast cancer and the tumor was as large as a grapefruit. She underwent surgery but then refused chemo therapy. She then treated herself in her own way and primarily by diet and she is now cancer-free. She has made a video tape that explains her cancer experience and her treatment in detail. If I had cancer today, one of the first things I would do is buy her video tape and follow her program:

      "CANCER DOESN'T SCARE ME ANYMORE" by Lorraine Day, M.D.

     To order call (800) 574-2437

     Web site www.drday.com

Another thing I would do is visit Dr. David Williams' web site and order his special report titled "THE TOTAL-BODY CANCER SHIELD." This is an eight page report full of vital information for the cancer patient.

His web site is: www.drdavidwilliams.com

You might also consider subscribing to his monthly newsletter called "ALTERNATIVES."

Here is another idea about cancer. A Dr. Robert Barefoot, a medical scientist, wrote a book about calcium. In his book, he talks about a doctor being awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery about cancer somehow being related to lack of oxygen in the cells and the absence of calcium. This was around 1930 and should have led to a cure for cancer, but obviously did not. Gee, I wonder why? At any rate, Dr. Barefoot believes that our bodies require calcium more than any other mineral. However, simply taking more calcium may not do it. Apparently, calcium works synergistically with other minerals and vitamins and they must be included in your diet also. The single most important vitamin is the sunshine vitamin D. He recommends being out in the sun two hours a day. If you can't do that, then you might consider taking vitamin D supplements. I recently read a comprehensive article about vitamin D. The article indicated that vitamin D deficiency is a significant contributor to 40% of all illness. The doctors tell you to stay out of the sun, but in my opinion, they are dead wrong. If you take a living houseplant and put it in a dark room, it will die due to lack of sunshine. That should convince most people that sunshine or vitamin D is a required vitamin. I now believe of all the vitamins that sunshine or vitamin D is the single most important one. My conclusion is that if I had any serious illness, such as cancer, I would take adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin D, and of course many antioxidants and Co-Q10.

They say the sun causes cancer. I believe that is a big lie and here's why. If the sun caused cancer, then all the African natives would be non-existent along with the Aborigines, the Hawaiians, and many more. It simply is not logical. Here is what I believe happens. Cancer is caused by toxins, but it gets its start in dead, dying or sick body tissue or organs. If you BURN your skin frequently from the sun, you will seriously damage your skin. This damaged skin creates an environment for cancer to gain a foothold. I also read about a study where one group of people was exposed to the sun after they applied sunscreen lotion and another group used no lotion. The SUNSCREEN group developed MORE CANCER. This tells me that sunscreen may CAUSE cancer and not protect against it. I've also read that more people develop skin cancer in the north than in the south. My conclusion is that sunshine or vitamin D is necessary to AVOID CANCER, and sunshine alone does not cause cancer.

Here is another idea from Dr. Barefoot. If you test your saliva or urine for pH, you will be either alkaline, acidic, or in between. If you're very acidic, you are probably already sick with a serious illness. If you are high in alkaline, you are probably healthy. I read that CANCER CANNOT SURVIVE IN AN ALKALINE pH. If you have or had cancer, your pH is probably acidic. I have no idea if this is 100% true. However, I do know from my own experience ,when I was very ill, my pH was very acidic, and now that I'm healthier, my pH is alkaline. My conclusion about pH is this: If I had cancer, and just to be on the safe side, I would be certain that my pH was alkaline. It's very easy and inexpensive to do. If you want details of how it is done, you might go to my web site, order my book "Eric is Winning," and you will learn much more about how to balance your pH.

Here is one final thought about cancer. The food that you eat has an enormous amount to do with whether or not you develop cancer. We know that cancer is related to reduced amounts of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes. An abundance of fresh, raw and organic vegetables are good for you, but more importantly, especially the cruciferous vegetables like cabbage. Cruciferous veggies are cancer fighters and have anti-cancer benefits. Now here is the kicker. When FERMENTED, veggies such as cabbage, create even more anti-cancer benefits. Fermented food make lactic acid. The more lactic acid, the less chance of cancer. Lactic acid does many things such as it increases cell metabolism, but it also acts as a DETOXIFIER. Now, that's what you really want is to eliminate toxins. Another great benefit of fermented foods is that they are very beneficial for your entire digestive system and that helps you DETOXIFY.

My conclusion is that I would eat fermented cabbage or other veggies two or three times a week.

We hope some of this proves beneficial to some of our readers.