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April 2007


This month I would like to focus on my recovery and bring you up-to-date. You may learn from my successes, but more importantly, you may also learn from my mistakes, and I have made several. Also, I must remind you that I did not know in 1996 what I know now.

The day after Thanksgiving in 1996, I changed my diet to a more healthy one and avoided my beer, ice cream, and coffee. I did not know then to go all organic. That was mistake number one.

In January of 1997, I began colon hydrotherapy having at least two treatments a week for several months. That is the best first thing I did. You will never be successful in treating ALS unless you first clean out your colon and keep it clean. You cannot be constipated.

In July of 1997, I had hip replacement surgery. I did not know then that I should avoid morphine. That was another big mistake. About that same time, I was beginning to learn about amalgam fillings. At that point, I was having some improvement in most of my body, but my left arm was going in the other direction; it was getting weaker. FINALLY, in March 1998, I had my two amalgams removed. The delay was a big mistake, but having them removed was really good because my left arm almost immediately began to improve.

Since I was improving, albeit slowly, I did not try to improve my regimen.

Approximately, 2002, I had another hair analysis that startled me. The latest hair analysis prior to that indicated my mercury and other heavy metals were lower than before. However, this current hair analysis showed them to be higher. Well, that was another mistake. I had been eating fish for two or three years. I immediately eliminated eating fish and did more DMPS chelation. About that same time, my left calf atrophied, no doubt from the mercury in the fish. My left leg has now recovered most of the atrophy. Prior to that, and still today, my legs are not atrophied at all. That's no doubt due to my continued leg exercising.

During the last two or three years, I have done several things I should have done a lot sooner. I switched to an all organic diet, had two gold crowns removed, eliminated a bottle of pesticide from our shed behind our home, and began drinking distilled water. Also during the fish eating years, I was eating some desserts that I should not have. Eventually, I developed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). That was another huge mistake. It took over a year but now my bowels are much improved. Well, that's about it for all the major items. I'm dead certain that I would be much better today if I had not made so many mistakes. There are more details about this in my book and in previous monthly Updates.

For the last year or more, my improvement has been slow. At any rate, here's where I am right now. My arms are getting stronger and I'm doing weight exercises with them every other day. My finger dexterity has improved. For example, at one time when I hold my left hand out with my palm down, my little finger would point to the ground. I could not lift it up with the other fingers. Now I can. My left thumb has never worked quite right. I could not spread my thumb away from my forefingers. This made it difficult. Now my thumb is beginning to move and that's a great improvement. You just don't realize how valuable moving that thumb is until you can't do it.

All the muscles in my upper body are gaining strength. Example: Several months ago, if I were sitting on my electric scooter, I would have to reach both hands forward and grab the handlebars to pull myself forward. Now I can lean forward without the use of my arms. That is a great improvement.

For many years now, my right foot or leg was worse than my left. I could not step forward with my right foot. Now I can move it forward equally to my left foot. This makes it much better for walking with my walker.

In the years before ALS, Glenna and I played racquetball twice a week and I did much more physical activity. When I first got ALS, I began doing knee bends everyday and I still do that. This has maintained my strength in my legs. However, I made one serious mistake. I DID NOT do any exercise where I would lift my feet up. Consequently, I can hardly lift my feet off the ground now. Now here is the lesson I learned: You must do light exercises with every muscle that you can move now. You see, whether or not you have ALS, your muscles will atrophy and lose strength if you don't move them. So if you sit back and do nothing, you will have a more difficult recovery.

Well, that pretty well covers my recovery except for one last item. My speech has improved a lot in the last year. Prior to a year ago, most people outside of my family could not understand anything I said. Also, I could not smile or frown or wink one eye. Now I can do all that. One measure of my current speaking ability is in singing. I love to sing but just for my own pleasure. Prior to about a year ago, I could not speak the words fast enough to keep in time with the tune. Also, I could not hit the notes at all. Just the other day I sang "Lucky Ole Sun" and was able to keep in time with the tune and also hit most of the notes pretty well. I've always known I would beat this ALS thing, but a little success like this is sure encouraging even for me.


Subj: ALS
Date: 3/14/2007
From: m_lawrence63@hotmail.com

Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for your courage and writing your book. I have done everything in your book. You had mentioned that you wished you had done the organic diet first. I did do that first, because I thought I had MS and after research realized there was a link between MS and toxins. I immediately felt better my energy level returned. This was in June of last year but the symptoms started in my throat and arms and I could feel it was moving rapidly through my body, so of course more tests were done and the Doctor concluded in December it was ALS. At first I panicked, then I went on the internet and found your book and Jon Barron's book "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors". I can't tell you how much it has meant to me. Since December I have had all 12 amalgam fillings removed, I go for Colon Irrigation regularly, I have detoxed my body and am still detoxing, I drink tons of water and eat only organic and have changed all household cleaners and makeup to organic. My theory on why more women get MS is makeup and hair dye. After about a month of eating only organic I had my hair dyed, I was so exhausted for 2 days and realized it was the hair dye. Now I use a herbal dye, I am still vein have to at least look good. When I began researching makeup, it was overwhelming what they put in makeup and women and men put it on there skin, they even use car lubricants and oils for makeup, who would ever make that decision, it really boggles your mind. I am very spiritual and say affirmations and do visualizations and really believe as you do in a positive mental attitude. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, it is the MS capital of the world, isn't that interesting? We grow alot of wheat and maybe it is in our soil, toxins we are using to grow wheat, who knows. I flew to Calgary on March 10th to attend ADAM's Workshop, his website is Dreamhealer.com. He is a 20 year old healer, who is absolutely amazing. He has three books out which you may find interesting or maybe you have already heard of him. He does 2 healings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning healing my body was so heavy I could hardly get off the seat, the afternoon healing I felt extreme heat on the back of my head and down my neck and I immediately had a cold sore. I spoke to Adam briefly after and he said don't be surprised if the symptoms get worse before they get better, and monitor how you are feeling for the next few days. That night I went to bed I couldn't sleep it was like someone was fine tuning me like a piano. The energy went across my forehead, left to right, right to left and would stay in the middle and start all over again, I didn't sleep much and don't know how long it lasted. The next morning my neck and arms were extremely tight and heavy, it was hard to talk and eat but by lunch they were back to normal, the weakness in my arms is still there a bit but not as bad. I arrived home on Sunday and the moment I went to bed I started bawling intense emotional pain poured out of me for at least 4 hours and I finally fell asleep exhausted. The Monday before I left to see Adam my energy had returned and my arms weren't as heavy and my neck wasn't as sore, I do believe that is because I did everything you said. I believe Adam can facilitate a healing but you are right, you have to make changes. I am expecting a full recovery, I am almost there. Last summer I did have trouble with one leg I couldn't lift it and one leg going numb and tingling and alot of muscle cramps, but after changing my diet and I have not had any problems with my legs. I do believe if I had not taken action when I did I would probably be in a wheelchair today or using a walker. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage and strength it isn't easy. I wish more people would believe as you and I do. God bless you Eric. Keep on fighting. I have tremendous respect for you and your wife Glenna, it isn't an easy fight. I will be praying for you Eric, I believe in the power of prayer as well. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Mary Lawrence
Subj: Food Allergies
Date: 3/24/2007
From: m_lawrence63@hotmail.com

Hi Eric,

I thought you might be interested in a couples of other things I have discovered through this journey of illness.

Before changing my diet, I noticed I became allergic to tomatoes, my teeth became extremely sensitive so I used sensodyne toothpaste, I also had alot of muscle cramps in my feet and legs for years, problems with my eyes getting blurry and sometimes I would feel off balance. As of June 25/06, I completely switched to organic, including shampoo, toothpaste, soap, laundry soap, cleaning supplies and food. I was reluctant to change the toothpaste because Dentist say "once you start with sensodyne, you can't change". The organic toothpaste didn't bother my teeth at all, I believe I was sensitive to the the chemicals in the non-organic toothpaste. After a month of being on completely organic, I try tomatoes, they didn't bother me at all, now I eat them everyday. A couple of months later I buy tomatoes from a Farmer's Market because she said they were organic, "I don't use any pesticides" she said. After eating her tomatoes I noticed this aching feeling behind my eyes, she said she didn't use pesticides, but what is she using as fertilizer? Our summer last year was very hot, I found it unbearable, fall comes and my energy is back, I decide to make spaghetti, everything in the dish is organic except the spaghetti. After I finished eating I was instantly dizzy and I knew it was the pasta. My Dr. said I had an allergic reaction to the gluten in the pasta, pastas are made with high gluten flour. I start to research gluten, which is a natural substance in wheat. My first thought was, does the fertilizer they use to grow wheat change the molecules of gluten making it toxic? How can a natural substance cause an allergic reaction? If tomatoes and wheat are grown with the same fertilizer and the fertilizer with the acid from the tomatoes affects eyesight and gluten affects balance, they are both symptoms of MS. There are over 168 foods and additives containing gluten. So many people today are allergic to gluten, but if there is no such thing as a food allergy, is our bodies just responding to the chemicals in the food. Another example is peanuts, so many people today are allergic to peanuts, yet peanut allergies are unheard of in China & India, the only difference is in North America we roast peanuts, they don't. After doing more research I find out peanuts are an unusual plant because it flowers above ground and grow below ground. So the question became does China & India not use fertilizers or does the roasting of peanuts change the chemicals from the fertilizer making them even more toxic. Research shows MS symptoms are worse in extreme heat. If gluten is the culprit and then we proceed to heat it in foods, were making it even more toxic. I also found out Canada's wheat has a higher gluten content because of our extreme weather. My muscle cramps also completely disappeared after switching to organic, yet Dr's say they don't know what causes muscle cramps. When I started to think about it, you realize all your nerve endings are in your feet, the toxins are eating away at the nerve endings causing your feet to cramp. Is that really so hard to figure out.

My three favorite foods are tomatoes, spaghetti and peanut butter! I think I know why I got sick.

I remember you saying in your book you had only 2 amalgam fillings and thought that was why you develop ALS later in life, I had 12 and I am 52, I think you are right.

Maybe I am crazy Eric, or too much time on my hands, but I just don't buy food allergies. I would love to hear your thoughts on this?


Mary Lawrence
Subj: Re: hi there
Date: 3/6/2007
From: rscottc@hotmail.com

Dear Eric and Glenna,

Hi there. So great to hear back from you.

Readers Digest version: In the summer of 04 I began to have problems with my right arm. I am a hard working, physically active person. I am now 50 yrs. old, at the time I was 48. I am a trades person and have many sports that all envolved the use of my arms and hands. I was under the assumption at the time I had pinched a nerve or had some sort of over use syndrome going on. Then after a particularly busy period one evening at dinner I suddenly could not hold my fork as normal. At first I was alarmed, but tried not to freak out about this new development. Within a week I could no longer do many things with my hand; write, scratch my head, hold my fork and more. I began to worry, but told no one of these new things happening. I waited another month and my hand and arm only got worse, much worse. It began shrink and contort, and suddenly looked like it belonged on someone else's body.

I went to an ortho doc and he said a nuero doc is where I need to go. I did and he did not have good news after many different tests and circus tricks performed by me. He dropped the ALS bomb on me, but said we have many tests to go through and eliminate other possibilities. I was sent to Loma Linda for a muscle and nerve conduction torture test and those results were not good. My left arm was ninety percent better than my right and I had anomallies in both legs that did not look very promising. This was early Dec. 04. My right arm now looked 90 and I had lost most of the muscle in both calves and had lost about 10 pounds of my slight frame. I was told to get my affairs in order, stop working and exercising, and find someone that would be willing to begin caring for me soon.

A dear friend who was helping me deal with this found your book on the internet and gave it to me. I did a quick go through of the book and realized I needed to read this thoroughly. I did and it began to sink in that indeed it could be something else. It took me until late Feb. 05 to get a hair analysis and I was shocked at my results. High in lead, copper, zinc, iron, and mercury. The medical docs still said that it could not be that. After giving up on them I sought out an integrated doc that I had heard about in Reno and did a couple of urine challenges and soon began the chelation process for the metals and mercury. Had my amalgams remove as well. Nineteen months later 12/31/06, I was done and metals and mercury free.

My arm works, looks almost back to what it once was. My body has changed and I still have some issues, but I am alive and doing very well thanks to you two. I can never fully make you both aware of my gratitude for your incredible efforts you still put out today. I do not know how to begin to thank you for unknowingly being there for me. I am a different and better person for this. Your extarordinary thoughtful giving efforts saved my life and I am and will be eternally grateful to both of you for the rest of this beautiful life.

What can I do for you? I would love to meet you guys someday, would that be possible? I am currently in Switzerland enjoying some traveling, friends and some skiing here and in Finnland. I look forward to hearing from you when you can reply convienently.

Peace and Love, Scott C.