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December 2006


You may recall in a previous Update I told you that I thought I was being affected by a toxin in our backyard. We have an all-redwood deck and a redwood fence and the redwood was my first suspect. However, that proved to be wrong. Before I tell you what it was, let me remind you about vapors. Have you ever placed fresh onion in your refrigerator and had the vapors contaminate all your other food? Well, it does happen, doesn't it? It is almost unbelievable how vapors can transfer that way. I remind you of that because if you don't understand vapors, then you may not believe this story. However, it is imperative that you understand how even the smallest trace amount of toxic vapor can and will hurt you.

We finally narrowed it down to a plastic bottle of pesticide that we used on the roses. That plastic bottle was stored in our shed about ten feet from the rear of our home. Even though that bottle was inside a separate structure and ten feet from our back door, it was hurting me. We removed it and threw it away. Now I can spend all the time I want on our rear deck or have our rear windows open and no problem.

In addition to the removal of the pesticide, I had two gold crowns removed, our furniture and carpeting steam cleaned with vinegar, and I now drink only distilled water in place of filtered tap water. I believe that eliminating each of these items has reduced my exposure to toxic vapors. I'm now having more improvement than ever. The live brain cells that I take orally seem to have more effect than before. The live cells, as I've told you before, simply would not have any effect unless you have first removed all toxins. It is absolutely necessary that you understand this message and eliminate every possible toxin in your home and/or your work environment. If you don't, you may never improve. I'm a little slow. It has taken me all these years to fully understand that principle and that's why I just now eliminated the items I just mentioned.

Hope this information helps you and Glenna and I wish you a merry Christmas.